Red Ocean Blues

Cast and Crew

Collaboration is the key to success.

An outstanding professional cast and crew really brought this story to life:



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Marilyn Everett-Jones

Lead Actor, playing Vera Castle.

A professional actress of consummate skill and wealth of knowledge and experience.

In Red Ocean Blues Marilyn had to play three characters in one, which she did beautifully.

In her role as Producer, Marilyn persuaded two exceptionally busy working actresses Olivia and Suzy to come on board and was heavily involved in finding Chris, providing a location and helping with character development.

Chris Orton

Lead Actor, playing Geoff Bell.

A professional actor Chris is such a chameleon, able to focus his considerable skills to whatever role is required, being equally at home in the narrative form as he is in the Corporate Video World.

In Red Ocean Blues he expands his repertoire considerably and proves he’s not fearful of any role.

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Olivia Charlotte Cole

Actor, playing Jill

A professional actor of numerous shorts and features Olivia brought a fantastic presence and personality to the role of Jill, playing this wayward character with wit and charm that in less capable hands might have been sleazy.

Suzy Celensu

Actor, playing Sally

A professional actress who's willingness to play “the straight-man” crafted the perfect foil to both Marilyn’s and Olivia’s roguish characters that instilled credibility.

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Mabz Beet

Actor, playing Christopher.

An actor and model who occasionally helps out behind the scenes. Quiet but with a great work ethic, one of the unsung heroes.

Mabz plays a pivital-role character essential to the story.

Danno Robbins

Actor, playing Gus.

A skilled cameraman, Danno can also be found operating behind the scenes; with mini-interviews with the cast and crew as well as an intimate and unique documentary of our first day of filming.

And then on the third day he switched back to acting and nailed the small but vital role in the final act of the story.

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nifty newt, eat your greens, thomas box

Amber Taylor

Director of Photography and 1st Assistant Director.

Amber is a skilled technician with a great eye and a winning personality.

Part of the next generation of film-makers she has thrown herself into the profession with gusto and determination. A young lady who is not afraid to get involved and learn and who when offered the opportunity of Directing the second-unit location shoot did so with skill and professionalism.

Radoslaw Stasiak


Radek is Nifty Newt's "go to" sound guy. In addition to both Eat Your Greens and Red Ocean Blues Radek's worked on numerous projects for a variety of productions, showreels and he occasionally undertakes work as an extra.

He is steadily building is formidable skillset and reputation.

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nifty newt, eat your greens, mabz beet

Matt Mullen

Matt is an actor, who's willingness to help out on set, particularly assisting Radek, was invaluable, the shoot wouldn't have been possible without him.


Philip T Brewster

Director, Writer, Producer and thirty-second Extra.

Red Ocean Blues is Philip's second short-film as Director over an intensive three-day shoot.


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Additional thanks and gratitude:


Leeds Indie Filmmakers Enterprise (LIFE).

Organisations like Leeds Indie are the backbone of independent productions. A collection of individuals who can develop and hone their skills, try out new ideas and get to know and trust each other.

Without Leeds Indie, and Marilyn who runs it, projects like Red Ocean Blues would not have been possible.

James Ward

Music. A talented keyboard maestro who also composes. Director Philip had known James for several years and Red Ocean Blues is their second collaboration.

Trailer music by

All images Copywrite: Nifty Newt, Dan Robbins, Philip T Brewster

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