Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens poster; Nifty Newt; Philip T Brewster; Marilyn Everett-Jones; Emma Wise;


“Professional scam artist Vicki stages a murder in troublesome tenant Donna’s apartment as part of an elaborate plan to have her leave of her own free will.”

Eat Your Greens laurel; Nifty Newt; Philip T Brewster; Marilyn Everett-Jones; Emma Wise;
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Eat Your Greens was specifically written as a small simple story that had one primary location requiring only two actors and minimal crew. It was to be an introduction to the world of Directing for a first-time Director. The script’s beauty was in the  interchangeability of the two characters. It was also adaptable to almost any location.

Like many new beginnings Eat Your Greens was long in gestation, culminating in a hectic scramble come the day of shooting. And nothing would have been possible without the skill, enthusiasm and generously given time of the Leeds Indie cast and crew.

You name it, stuff happened to thwart our plans but we prevailed. Locations changed several times, necessitating numerous revisions of the script. Cast changed but friends stepped up

nifty newt, eat your greens, philip t brewster

Crew were sought but shifting commitments meant co-conspirators stepped up to fill gaps and then on-the-day we had equipment failures. But cool heads, knuckling down to our respective tasks and technical prowess prevailed and after a fourteen hour day we had over six hours recorded. Our seven minute short was done, almost.

Collaboration is the key to success. As a first project Eat Your Greens leant heavily on the goodwill of others:

nifty newt, eat your greens, marilyn everett-jones

Marilyn Everett-Jones

Producer. A professional actress of consummate skill and wealth of knowledge and experience who acted as Producer. Marilyn acts, teaches and occasionally steps behind the camera as she did on Eat Your Greens, assisting with auditions and being on set to act as Script Supervisor and lend guidance. As the driving force behind Leeds Indie she helped make it all possible.

Emma Wise

Actor, playing Donna. Emma is a professional actress with a fantastic skillset and a breadth of experience who was able to step in at very short notice. The production was extremely fortunate she was available and willing to help out.

nifty newt, eat your greens, emma wise
nifty newt, eat your greens, hannah l oldfield

Hannah Louise Oldfield

Actor, playing Vicki. This was Hannah’s first short and she acquitted herself admirably. Hers was the tricker, more “talky” role but despite this, a long day and numerous distractions she kept her composure admirably.

Sam E Flanagan

First AD. Already a veteran Director of many short films of his own Sam generously agreed to guide fledgling director Philip through his first project with many practical on-set tips and the suggestion, and inclusion, of a new, and better, ending.

nifty newt, eat your greens, sam e flanagan
nifty newt, eat your greens, thomas box

Thomas Box

Director of Photography. We were lucky to get Tom. In his final year at University he brought with him professional expertise. He was a very capable individual with a relaxed and confident manner. He not only undertook principal photography but also managed our second camera unit and set up the lighting. A man who will go far.

Josh Heeley

Cameraman. Josh came on board at the request of Tom and did a fantastic job. He was professional, willing and did some great work as Second Camera, with much of his work making it into the final edit.

nifty newt, eat your greens, josh heeley
nifty newt, eat your greens, radoslaw stasiak

Radoslaw Stasiak

Sound. Although initially on set for the experience Radek stepped up to sort an audio problem and subsequently stayed on Sound throughout the whole shoot. He has since worked as a “Sound Guy” on showreels and partaken of various other film projects, including “extra” work.

Mabz Beet

Boom. A member of Indie Film for many years Mabz is normally found in front of the camera, occasionally as a model, but generously helped us out when we needed it. Quiet but with a great work ethic, one of the unsung heroes.

nifty newt, eat your greens, mabz beet
nifty newt, eat your greens, philip t brewster

Philip T Brewster

Director. Having been a writer for many years, with a decent measure of success, Eat Your Greens is Philip’s first foray into Directing and he wrote it specifically for that purpose. This was essentially his Film School and he proved himself a worthy captain of the ship, didn’t lose his cool and thanks his cast and crew profusely for helping guide him through the day.


Additional thanks and gratitude:


Leeds Indie Filmmakers Enterprise and Leeds Actors Group. All those who participated in Eat Your Greens are members of this amazing and talented 1600 strong Facebook group. It’s members include actors, crew and associated pre- and post disciplines, many of which have completed shorts and features on their resume.

Jenny Edwards.

For evaluating our sound equipment. Unfortunately other commitments prevented Jenny from being on set during the shoot but her input ahead of time was greatly appreciated. In addition to her Sound skillset she is also forging a career as a 1st AD.

James Ward

Music. A talented keyboard maestro who also composes. Director Philip had known James for a couple of years and they always had a expectation to work on something together, with Eat Your Greens providing a perfect opportunity.

Imagine If Theatre Company. For the use of their facilities and support.

It is also a delight to report that Eat Your Greens achieved a “New Start” metric of 60%, smashing the 25% target. This is a phenomenal beginning.


The Nifty Newt Team :)

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