Nifty Newt is a new venture into the world of films, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


It’s hoping to be inspirational in approach - in that it’s not just in it for the money. Altruistic in nature Nifty Newt is aiming to try and give back by helping others get a foothold, or leg up, in the industry.


No one person is an island and this is certainly the case when it comes to making films. It requires collaboration of individuals under the guidance of a Director to become a team to produce magic. That Director is Philip T Brewster, and Nifty Newt is his vision. He wants to marry experience and raw talent together with enthusiasm to produce great stories.


He’s a businessman with over thirty years of working life under his belt across numerous sectors including the NHS, Manufacturing, Printing, Publishing, Care Homes and Logistics. He’s been running his own companies for over ten years hiring out his services as an accountant or spreadsheet modeller.


In many respects his professional life is akin to those in the film industry, in that he undertakes contracts anywhere from a few weeks to months long, doing generally the same thing each time but adapting his skills to the particular needs and desires of the client from job to job. Not to mention having to endure interviews and competing with others who all have a similar skillset. To anyone in the film business this will sound horribly familiar.


But why help others? Thirty years is a long time. He’s seen people retire, burn out, succeed and fail. But the best was when he gave a young lady (with no finance qualification or experience) her first break in the world of Finance as a purchase Ledger clerk, only to meet up with her several years later when she was a qualified accountant with a senior role in a large organisation. Highly inspiring!


So much so that when Philip was looking for a new outlet for his creative energies that complimented his existing interests he wanted Nifty Newt count for something; and not just be another film company.


In addition to being a businessman Philip is also an author, with several short stories published in a variety of anthology publications. A change meeting let him to explore screenwriting, which has been an ongoing venture for several years. He’s had a measure of success, won several short-script competitions and subsequently had one of his scripts produced and filmed – Honey Flood in New York. His scriptwriter training has been online by screenwriting guru Scott Myers of Go Into The Story.


Realising he had the foundation of a successful film - the ability to write a worthy script, Philip set about educating himself in all aspects of filmmaking. This he did online and through his membership with the Leeds Indie Filmmakers Enterprise and Leeds Actors Group who remain an affiliate partner and represent a deep pool of resources of both cast and crew.

His other interests include motorbiking, DIY, gardening and of course watching films.

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