Grudge Bearer



Grudge Bearer

A ghost story (short film)


Hi, I’m filming a short film and am offering the opportunity for anyone who wants
practical experience on set (no experience necessary).
This will be to assist some of my regular crew.


Director of Photography

Boom Operator
Other opportunities may also be available,
so please submit your details if you are interested.

  • Nifty Newt is specifically looking to provide opportunities to new talent where enthusiasm and a willingness to make the moment count is every bit as important as experience.
  • The film will be submitted for listing on IMDb, with everyone involved receiving a credit as well as footage of their performance for use in their showreels.
  • Payment cannot be guaranteed, but experience is.
  • The film will be entered into festivals

The shoot will be a single location in Leeds, over two weekends, early 2024.


If interested contact: Philip via the Contact Page. Thank you.


Thank you.


Nifty Newt is committed to diversity and it does not discriminate.

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