Grudge Bearer



Grudge Bearer

A ghost story (short film)


“As Lacey pays her respects to dead friends ahead of the school prom the malignant energy-force that was once Kay, her best friend, craves revenge. Kay abducts Lacey to an alternative prom for one last deadly dance before they part ways forever.”


2 female actors, playing ages 18-early 20's

To play Kay and Lacey - both are strong characters

4 supporting female actors, playing aged 18-early 20's

To play Jasmine, Millie, Pearl and Sophie

  • Specifically looking to provide opportunities to new talent where enthusiasm and a willingness to make the moment count is every bit as important as experience.
  • The film will be submitted for listing on IMDb, with everyone involved receiving a credit as well as footage of their performance for use in their showreels.
  • Payment cannot be guaranteed, but experience is.
  • The film will be entered into festivals

The shoot will be a single location in Leeds, over two weekends, early 2024.


If interested contact Philip via the Contact Page.

You may submit a Self Tape here.


Thank you.


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